Boost Plant Quality & Yield… Cut Waste Solids & Odor

Solutions 4Earth is a soil and environmental science company specializing in next-generation, non-toxic nutrients for maximum plant growth and production with favorable ecological impact.

All of our products have three things in common – they’re effective, affordable, and easy to use.


High quality nutrients, carbon for bacteria, low pH – that describes our fertilizers. They can aid in water uptake, encourage robust root growth, help produce high quality plants, and contribute to increased yields.

Waste treatment products help cut solids, odors, BOD’s, Total Phosphorus and more.


“Affordable” is in the mind of the user, so your opinion is the one that counts. Of course we have field data to show what’s worked for others, we calculate profitability, and we provide value that’s heavy on benefits and light on cost. But mostly we urge you to see for yourself on your own crops or waste.

Easy To Use

Using our fertilizers is about as easy as it gets: agitate, dilute, and then apply. The low pH also makes our products easy to mix with many other standard products, saving trips to the field. That saves time and fuel.

Waste treatment is even easier with no dilution; just agitate and apply.

Understanding soil is our business. Providing agriculture solutions is what we do. Learn more about how we can help your farming operation.
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