As a grower, you know nitrogen is a key crop nutrient. Now Solutions 4Earth gives you a value-added nitrogen liquid fertilizer for added effectiveness, which will:

  • Improve nitrogen utilization
  • Feed crop roots
  • Reach yield potential

Nitrogen plus sulfur gets results.

Halo is an acidic liquid nitrogen fertilizer with a 23-0-0 plus 3 percent sulfur in a low pH solution along with additional carbon. It feeds plants as well as microorganisms which are beneficial to plant growth and vigor.

Sulfur is often omitted from fertility programs, but the right nitrogen-to-sulfur ratio is important for crop growth and reproduction. Halo provides readily available sulfur in the right ratio to help fully utilize the applied nitrogen.

Some nitrogen is immediately taken up by plants, but much is stored in the soil. Carbohydrates in Halo feed soil microorganisms, helping to release stored nutrients.

How low pH helps.

Halo has a low pH which helps neutralize soil bicarbonates, reducing the effect of soil salts. This may be especially useful where low-quality irrigation water is used. Reducing the effect of soil salts helps improve water availability. Combined with the release of stored nutrients and the right nitrogen-to-sulfur ratio, it gives your crops a greater chance of reaching their potential.

Halo is available to 2.5 gallon jugs and 250 gallon totes

2014-2015 Maryland Winter Wheat Trial (Nutricor, Komodo & Halo)
Evaluation of Nutricor, Komodo and Halo on Wheat Yield
2016 Michigan Tomato Trial (Nutricor, Komodo & Halo)
Evaluation of Nutricor, Komodo and Halo on 'Roma' Tomato Yield
Total Nitrogen (N) 23% Urea Nitrogen (N) 23%
Sulfur (S) 3% Combined Sulfur (S) 3%

Derived From

Urea and Sulfuric Acid

  • Specific Gravity: 10.74
  • pH: 1.2
  • Solution/Suspension: Suspension

HALO® Direction for Use

HALO® is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer with available carbon and sulfur. The low pH of HALO makes micronutrients more available as well, reducing soil salts and soil pH where applied

Apply at a rate of 1-2 gallons of HALO per acre as needed.

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