Infinite® Core 2-2-2 is engineered to help farmers improve productivity, profitability and sustainability. This safe, CDFA-OIM registered product will:

  • Improve Organic Production
  • Stimulate Microbial Activity
  • Enhance Plant Growth

Exercise your ‘Core’ – Provide ‘Core’ Nutrition to Your Soil & Plants

Farmers often need to get back to basics to improve organic production, profitability and sustainability. Infinite Core 2-2-2, does just that with its balanced 1-1-1 ratio of N-P2O5-K2O. This formulation is ideal for use on a wide range of crops through soil and foliar applications. The product is powered by vitamin-rich oilseed extract, obtained through a proprietary process, and by carbon additives, amino acids and micronutrients. These natural sources of plant nutrition enhance soil health and microbial activity to stimulate root and plant growth.

Unlike other organic fertilizers that are fish-based, Infinite Core 2-2-2 features a plant-based formulation with less odor and a low salt index. The easy-to-use liquid formula is low in solids, which allows the application flexibility you may need to deliver key nutrients to your plants through drip irrigation.

Infinite Core 2-2-2 will also:

  • Employ carbon compounds to help stimulate microbial activity, improve root development and soil quality and help remedy high salt solutions
  • Contain all of the essential amino acids and micronutrients, which provides the ultimate plant balance
  • Provide natural chelation of nutrients by amino and organic acids for increased micronutrient availability and uptake
  • Give organic growers a GMO-free, vegan-friendly fertilizer solution, manufactured in a zero-waste facility

Infinite Core 2-2-2 is CDFA-OIM registered. Also, currently being evaluated by OMRI for listing and WSDA for organic registration.

Infinite Core 2-2-2 is available in cases of 2 x 2.5 gallons jugs and 275 gallon totes.

Total Nitrogen (N) 1.08% Water Soluble Nitrogen & 0.92% Water Insoluble Nitrogen 2.0%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2.0%
Soluble Potash (K20) 2.0%

Derived From:

Fermented Oilseed Extract

  • Density: 9.55 lbs per gallon @ 60o F

Infinite Core 2-2-2 Application Rates

General Rates: General rates are one quart per acre to five gallons per acre. The crop grown, soil type, climate and irrigation and cultural practices determine rates. Suggested rates are provided below, however, we recommend that you consult your crop advisor to determine appropriate application rate, method and timing that will best suit your farming operation.

Vegetables: Apply one to three gallons per acre before or during planting, followed with one quart/acre every seven to 14 days after planting. Increase rate if more growth is desired.
Permanent Crops: Apply two to five gallons per acre after bud break, followed by one to two quarts/acre every seven to 14 days. For mild climates, post-harvest applications immediately after harvest at one to five gallons per acre.

Berries & Small Fruit: Apply two to four gallons per acre pre-plant, followed by a quart/acre every seven to 14 days after planting. Increase rate if more growth is desired.

Alfalfa: Apply one to two gallons per acre at dormancy break and at five to seven days after each cutting.

Cotton: Apply two gallons per acre at planting, as well as first square leaf, flower and boll set.

Potatoes: Apply two to three gallons per acre at planting, followed by two to four gallons per acre at shoot emergence and then one to two gallons per acre at tuber initiation and bulking.

Containerized Crops: Mix one to two fluid ounces in one gallon of water (note: each ounce per gallon is roughly 200 ppm N solution). Apply every seven to 10 days. Increase rate if more growth is desired.

Turf: Apply one to two quarts per 1000 square feet every seven to 14 days to achieve desired growth and recuperative ability. Water thoroughly after application.

Application Methods: Infinite products may need to be diluted before injection into irrigation water. Prepare a 50% diluted solution and agitate. If using a spray or dribble application, dilute to a level of 10 to 33%. It is strongly recommended to use up all of any diluted product.

Storage: Do not store, or save, diluted product. Undiluted product can be stored in a cool, dry area. Do not contaminate with water or other materials as this will reduce shelf life of the product.

See Technical Bulletin STB-411, ‘Using Infinite Brand Organic Fertilizers’ for more information

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