Solutions 4Earth, LLC, Debuts NUTRIMEND™

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Solutions 4Earth, LLC, Debuts NUTRIMEND™ Brand Fertilizer for Agriculture & Turf

Henderson, Nevada (March 21, 2018) – Solutions 4Earth, LLC, is offering a liquid product specifically geared toward mending soils that are challenged with high salt or sodium levels. NutriMend™ 10-3-0 Plus Calcium and Micronutrients is a novel concept in approaching soil health and plant nutrition. This product was developed in response to customer requests for a product that combines various methods to help reduce soil salinity and/or sodium levels in one package.

NutriMend chemically reduces water, soil bicarbonate and carbonate levels. The addition of 3 percent calcium, humic acids and other sequestering agents helps displace sodium on soil colloids to assist in leaching sodium out of the root zone. Biologically, additional carbon sources help stimulate microbial growth to further reduce soil salts and build up soil structure. The addition of a wetting agent/soil penetrant physically helps drive the active ingredients into the root zone more efficiently and wet the soil to enhance NutriMend’s effectiveness.

NutriMend is labeled for a wide range of agricultural crops and turf (tees, greens or fairways) and can be used as a pre-plant treatment or during production/growth. The product is an easy-to-use liquid. It can be applied as a spray or through irrigation systems. The acidic nature of NutriMend can also help keep lines clean and free of built up lime. The product is available in 250 gallon totes or 2.5 gallon cases.

“This is another way Solutions 4Earth helps customers meet challenges with managing their crops’ nutritional health in a more environmentally conscious approach,” states Mickey Brown, CEO of Pro-Turf International. “In fact, recent work by Dr. Marco Shiavon at The University of California – Riverside shows that NutriMend can significantly benefit turf in high salinity situations.”

Contact: Rick Vetanovetz, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Solutions 4Earth, 702-315-5121,

Solutions 4Earth, LLC is an environmental products company specializing in new generation plant nutritional products and waste management solutions.

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