Ultimate Turf helps transform Sam Boyd Stadium for upcoming USA Rugby Sevens Tournament

The USA Rugby Sevens Tournament will take place February 13th – 15th at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, with 45 games over a three day period . This transformation is challenging because Sam Boyd Stadium has artificial turf, but these Olympic qualifying athletes need to compete on real grass.

To transform the playing surface, Key Golf of Henderson installed 90,000 square feet of sod on top of the artificial turf. Key Golf is expert on all things related to turf grass. “It’s critical that we get this sod secure so there is no slippage” said Kip Wolfe Vice President of Key Golf. “The only way to do this is to get a strong root mass developed quickly. We want the roots to cross link and bind the seams together,”

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Key Golf says the key is Ultimate Turf, a specialty liquid fertilizer known for developing strong roots in turf grass. Ultimate Turf provides macro and micro nutrients plus various carbon sources to feed the bacteria in the soil, because healthy soil is a big first step toward healthy roots. Wolfe adds, “Key Golf’s success in preparing the USA Rugby Sevens field for the past 3 years has been the use of Ultimate Turf.”

“After the tournament, when we remove this sod, I’m continually amazed to see just how massive the root structure is after only a couple of weeks of Ultimate Turf. Last year some of the roots had actually penetrated the seams of the platform structure and began attaching to the artificial turf,” said Wolfe.

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