With HydraFLO liquid surfactant, quickly move water off the surface and uniformly into the root zone to easily:

  • Reduce drought stress
  • Increase fertilizer availability
  • Reduce run-off and regulatory pressure

Getting water to roots.

You’ve seen water droplets bead up on leaves or stay on the soil surface instead of soaking in. Evaporation can claim this moisture before it’s absorbed, robbing plants of moisture and nutrients.

A few ounces per acre of HydraFLO liquid surfactant allows water to soak into the soil quickly and easily. It’s an excellent additive to irrigation water or liquid fertilizers; bubbles disperse quickly, allowing for easy tank mixing.

Because water transports nutrients, HydraFLO lets you speed water and nutrients directly to the root zone, resulting in more robust plant growth.

HydraFLO also makes tilling easier, helps increase soil moisture levels, helps fertilizer flow and improves water use efficiency, whether from irrigation or natural rainfall.

HydraFLO is available to 2.5 gallon jugs and 250 gallon totes

Ammonium alkyl ether sulfate 47.0%
Alkylpolyglucoside 6.0%
Water, 1,2,3-trihydroxypropane 47.0%

Derived From:

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients.

  • Specific Gravity: 9.0
  • pH:
  • Solution/Suspension: Suspension


  • 250 gallon returnable tote
  • 55 gallon non-returnable drum
  • 5 gallon case (contains two 2.5 gallon jugs)

Directions For Use

HydraFLO™ is a liquid surfactant that enhances wettability of soils and/or root substrates, thereby enhancing penetration of water and other water soluble materials.
Incorporation of HydraFLO into the soil is not required; it may be surface applied for pre- or post-emergence applications.
HydraFLO may be used at any time of year though preferred application times are early spring (prior to or at planting or break in dormancy of perennial crops) and fall, after harvest of annual or perennial crops

Suggested Use Rates

Soil Applications – Agriculture:

General Rate:

6 to 12 fluid ounces of HydraFLO diluted in 15 to 20 gallons of water per acre.

Sandy Soils:

6 to 10 fluid ounces of HydraFLO diluted in 5 to 20 gallons of water per acre at least twice per year.

Heavy Clay Soils:

8 to 12 fluid ounces of HydraFL Odiluted in 15 to 20 gallons of water per acre.

Soil Applications – Turf:

Apply HydraFLO to highly maintained turf areas at a rate of 2 to 6 fluid ounces diluted in 1 to 2 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet; dilution with 2 gallons per 1,000 square feet is preferred. Use the lower HydraFLO rate when frequent, weekly applications are being made. Use the higher rate with infrequent applications or when applying product to fine textured, clayey soils.

Irrigation Injection:

HydraFLO can be injected into irrigation systems at a rate of 4 to 8 fluid ounces per acre initially, followed by 2 fluid ounces per acre during subsequent irrigations, if needed.

Soil Mixes or Soilless Container Mixes:

Apply 30 fluid ounces of HydraFLO diluted in 10 to 20 gallons of water per 10 cubic yards of mix.

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