Wastewater from food processing plants, municipal systems and other facilities can clog pipes, pumps and drains. Restore works to:

  • Treat wastewater
  • Break down solids
  • Reduce odor

The solution to liquid waste management.

Restore helps break down organic solids, restore wastewater to a cleaner state and reduce its environmental impact.

An easily applied liquid, Restore fuels aerobic and anaerobic activity. It’s heavier than water, so it sinks to the bottom, where solids accumulate. Restore brings solids to the surface where faster-acting aerobic bacteria can break them down quickly. The churn of rising bottom solids is the first sign of Restore in action.

With Restore, you’ll spend less time pumping and avoid expensive unloading of bottom solids to maintain capacity. Plus, Restore’s odor reduction improves neighborhood relations and employee working conditions.

Restore is available to 2.5 gallon jugs and 250 gallon totes

Restore is a liquid product to help break down organic waste, reduce BOD and reduce odor in waste holding cells.

Directions for Use

Restore is applied directly to holding cells. Since Restore is heavier than water, it sinks to the bottom of the cell where organic solids accumulate.

Application rates below are per 100,000 gallons of holding cell volume (pond, pit, lagoon or similar). Apply Restore at least once per week. During the initial four week of use, a shock treatment is highly recommended and is indicated on the chart below. Pour Restore directly into the holding cell. After eight weeks, weekly maintenance applications may be added upstream to help keep effluent passages flowing freely. Consult your Solutions 4Earth representative before changing application method.

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Restore, may be used in concert with anaerobic digestion systems. Restore may be introduced into waste stream before the digestion system to aid in solids removal/flowability. Restore is recommended to be added two times per week splitting the weekly rate.



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