Solutions Developed To Aid Management of Waste Lagoons

EnviroLagoon is specifically developed to aid waste lagoon management. It is a liquid solution that breaks down the anaerobic and toxic conditions that exist in virtually all biological waste lagoons. EnviroLagoon is an aerobically healthy answer to dairy and swine lakes that eliminates or reduces algae and balances the pH levels of the water. By introducing a systematic formula of energized aerobic microbes, EnviroLagoon increases oxygen and carbon levels, assisting the digestion of the unhealthy elements present in an aquatic waste environment.

  • Reduces Odor
  • Helps reduce lagoon solids
  • Helps increase lagoon capacity
  • Reduces agitation cost
  • Helps clean alley ways
  • Increases nutrient availability to crops
  • Affordable in all waste management systems

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