Modern Day Solutions for Agriculture

Farmers and producers of all types face tougher regulations and harsher growing conditions than ever before. Operating costs are tight and profit margins even tighter. The challenges facing farmers and producers have never been greater.

Much of America’s farmland is becoming benign and biologically sterile, requiring ever-increasing and excessive conventional fertilizers for crops to perform. Moreover, there has been a reduction in carbon containing fertilizers and amendments as farmers increase their reliance on conventional fertilizers. This has increased soil laden soluble salts, resulting in less viable bacteria activity in the soil.

Biologically depleted soils typically under-perform as accumulated salts in the root zone restrict root mass development, adversely affecting water and nutrient uptake. Growers pour time and money into depleted soils in an effort to get them to produce, but even so, may still be rewarded with substandard production.

Solutions 4Earth helps farmers grow better crops, helping restore grower profitability

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